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Season 1
Ep. 11 - Ville Simola - Digital Transformation is a leadership issue

Ville Simola is the CEO of Maria01 the biggest startup campus in the Nordics, with more than 1.000 guests between VCs, startups and corporate partners.

This episode is a trove of treasures… Stefano Mosconi, Nick Vertigans and David Goddard talk with Ville about:

  • how to drive successful digital transformations
  • how the startups in Maria01 are coping with the crisis and a great example with Twelve Textiles
  • how one of the digital ventures he started at Lassila & Tikanoja saved restaurants from waste (and was then sold to CGI just last week)
  • how Maria01 is helping corporate leaders to get more entrepreneurial
  • how the COVID crisis could hep boost entrepreneurship in the long term
  • and finally what is behind his personal motto “Idea is King, Execution is King Kong

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