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Nordic Leadership Network
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The Nordic Leadership Network is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring leaders and helping them overcome their leadership challenges.

We do this through trustful collaboration, sharing insights and expertise and by challenging and supporting one another to be the best version of ourselves.


A leader speaks up, even when it’s more convenient to shut up and sit down.


Without trust we don’t work. We believe in it and we live by it.



If we can’t bring joy to our customer then we are not doing our job right.


Meet our members

The founding members of NLN are a highly committed and experienced group of people that can cater to the needs of the biggest and more complex organizations and work with the nimblest and more agile of them.

We offer the resilience of a company with the flexibility of  entrepreneurship, adding a sprinkle of global talent and experience.

What we focus on

Leadership development

Discover the habits and secrets of high performance teams.


Nurture a culture that puts strategy into action.

Strategy & Culture

Find your leadership voice, to become an authentic & inspiring leader.