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Season 2
Ep.31 - Meeri Haataja - Leading trustworthy AI

In this episode we chat with with Meeri Haataja, CEO of Saidot – a platform for teams to make their AI transparent and explainable – about how AI is impacting societies and everyday lives on a global scale, and what it’s like to be driving that as a positive change. Have a listen to insights into:

  • how leadership in a start-up requires super fast learning by doing and understanding it’s a marathon, not a sprint
  • the need for multiparty (“crowd-sourced”) oversight of new complex technologies
  • how Helsinki and Amsterdam have launched an open AI register to empower citizens to see how their lives are influenced by technology
  • measuring AI governance and ethics as ESG investors focus on the social impact of technology

We close the discussion on a high note as we find out what is making Meeri – a life-long innovator with technology – optimistic about the future.

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Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers