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Season 2
37 - Learning: Always be improving & how do you spend your Tuesday Nights?- George Brontén

Ready to travel to Sweden and meet George Brontén, lifelong entrepreneur with a never ending passion for sales? Have a listen to Stefano, Nick and David getting insights from George about:

🎧 The secret to purposeful relationships – Trust, Align, Grow.

🎧 Understanding problems from the customer’s perspective.

🎧 How, after years of hiring and firing, George realized his leadership was the main problem.

🎧 How you can see in the eyes of an interviewee if they’re into learning or not.

🎧 And when you’ve got a big decision to make – get a coach! 

George and his team at collaborate with thought leaders and researchers to identify the success factors behind great sales organizations. Well worth a listen to  the learning journey of a successful an entrepreneur. Book recommendation from George; The Checklist Manifesto – How to Get Things Right : Atul Gawand

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Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers