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Season 1
Season 1
Ep. 4 - Kristian Luoma - Innovation is the only thing that's happening

In this episode Stefano Mosconi and David Goddard are interviewing Kristian Luoma, Head of OP ( Innovation Lab about innovation and leadership at the time of remote-work-first, the role of innovators in this era and what kind of culture you need to foster crazy ideas.

Show notes

  • 2:00 Going “remote-work-first”
  • 4:30 Innovation is not coming up with the right ideas
  • 7:30 Going fast forward 10x
  • 8:50 Innovators’ job is to forecast the future and work backwards from it
  • 11:10 The future is already here just not evenly distributed
  • 12:15 Innovators find the silver lining
  • 13:45 The role of an innovation leader  is to curate brilliant ideas
  • 18:00 Creating a space for crazy ideas
  • 20:00 The wrap up

Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers –