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Season 2
Ep. 25 Part 1- Jarno Koponen - The future of news in the era of artificial intelligence and social media.

Jarno Koponen, Head of AI and Personalization at the Yle News Lab in Finland’s national public broadcaster, chats with Stefano, Nick and David about how the way news is gathered and distributed – and what is considered news –  is being disrupted by the new information ecosystem.

Listen in to this first episode to hear insights into the future of news and

  • innovations in machine learning and the impact on the news process
  • using technology to make better journalism
  • creating the right culture for better news experiences

And stay tuned for episode two in which Jarno Koponen goes deeper into the impact of AI on the news process and calls for a new social contract to improve media literacy.

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Music: Spark Of Inspiration by Shane Ivers